What's Next for 21st Century HR? Continuous Strategic Transformation

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The combination of evolving technologies, regulatory changes, and shifting demographics has made the transformation of HR essential for strategic organizational agility. Conversations with HR and a review of the literature point to a gap critical to our understanding of how HR is transforming. While there is a growing body of literature focusing on the evolution of the HR Business Partner role, it still remains unclear what the process of HR transformation is, and how HR organizations align strategically to transform with greater efficiency. This research will benefit members of the HR community by helping them map the journey of their HR transformation and steps to take for greater impact. What are the factors in the environment (internal and external) driving HR transformation in organizations? What does a transformed HR look like? What are the different stages of the process of transformation? What competencies and skills are critical for the Business Partner role as HR transforms, and how are these competencies developed? In what ways do those requirements differ from the HRBP capabilities needed in the past?

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Daiichi Sankyo  |  Deere & Company  |  Royal Bank of Scotland

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