Demographic Trends and Demand Shifts: 2016-2025

Demographics and Consumption  

The United States is experiencing major demographic trends such as the trend of aging and declining fertility. As consumers age, their amount and composition of spending changes. There is a large variation across geographies in the magnitude and impact of these trends on consumer spending. Compared to other determinants of consumer spending, demographic trends are highly predictable and quantifiable, and yet, the consumer demand implications of the forthcoming demographic changes are not well-understood. We intend to close this gap in our understanding, with detailed projections of the impact of demographics on consumer demand, across categories and across states and metro areas in the United States.

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The Impact of Demographic Trends on US Consumer Spending: Incorporating the Effect of Race/Ethnicity
Report  |  Methodological Notes

The Impact of Demographic Trends on US Consumer Spending
Report  |  Methodological Notes  |  Interactive Charts

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