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Back to the Old Normal?

The financial market turmoil at the start of 2018 is the starkest sign yet of a transformation in the global economy. After almost a decade of slow growth, we may finally be returning to what one might call “the old normal”: faster economic growth coming together with the return of increasing costs, inflation, rising interest rates, and greater volatility. Is the global economy strong enough to withstand these pressures and benefit from improved growth for another year or two? Or, will businesses  be hampered by  labor and skill shortages, resulting in a growth  slowdown or even a recession sooner rather than later?

The latest issue of StraightTalk® looks at four scenarios of how the current growth improvement may evolve in the next few months and what the effects may be on the global economy’s potential in the medium-term Our latest survey of C-Suite executives’ challenges reveal their responses to the current business environment.

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StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2018: Back to the Old Normal?

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